the results achieve▓d in the first phase of the "staying true to our foundin▓g mission" education campaign and earnestly carry out ▓the campaign's second phase.The s

uccess of the campaign is▓ judged by whether it solves problems, Xi said, noting▓ that the second phase will focus on the grassroots level and solving problems.Xi s

aid primary-level Par▓ty organizations should play a key role in publicizing the Party's propositions, implementing the Party's decisions, leading grassroots gover

nance, uniting and mobilizing the people, and promoting reform and development.Sha▓nghai is where the CPC was founded and the headquarters of its central authorities had been based for a long period after the Party's founding, Xi said.He called for efforts to make good use of the city's revolutionary resources in the education campaign and guide Party members and officials to acquire a deeper understanding of the ▓history of the Party, the People's Republic of China, and the reform and opening up. Please scan the QR Code▓ to follow us on InstagramPlease scan the QR Code to ▓follow us on WechatChina, South Africa launch science park c